Why Listen to Little Miss Me?

Imagine I'm your teacher...obviously you immediately imagine me as a hot teacher...right?
So why should you listen to this crazy bloggerbitch telling you how to get a date online when she quite clearly has no luck with relationships herself? Well it’s fairly simple I’m the missing link between men and women.

I’ve been the lad, I am the lady…I see things from both sides and will quite happily tell you the truth when no one else wants to.

The problem with women (stop reading here ladies) is that there is:
• ‘what we like to think we want
• ‘what we actually want
Two very different things. To be a successful stud online you have to take both of these into account and that is where I come in!

Women are stupid (ladies I told you not to read this!) you will always be told that she wants the good, decent, nice guy and looks don’t matter, it is all about personality…BULLSHIT…now boys I’m not saying you have to be Johnny Depp (oh god the things I would do…) of course it helps if you aren't identical to Shrek, but still we can work with what we’ve got as long as we are a little bit clever (don’t worry I have enough intelligence for the both of us).

Women are complicated creatures and men you should be scared, there isn’t a quick easy rule that will work for all women but with my help we should get the majority in the bag or sack if you’re lucky (not a real sack internet perverts, sack as in bed, as in sex, as in actually still a little pervy but in a good way!)

So my beauties follow my advice and you will be golden (I hope!…what? I never said I couldn’t be wrong!)

(Men it's your turn to stop reading). And ladies if you are still reading, don’t worry there are going to be plenty of laughs along the way for you to enjoy…men are stupid too…(Oi you! Yes you man! I though I told you to stop reading!)

Love and humps all around!!!